pre-Columbian Art

We work with the most talented artists of pre columbian replicas in Mexico. They have been doing this for generations and they have a pre columbian style. They can make any Aztec or Maya replica using books and Codices to make their art interpretions and sculpt everything from scratch. Below we can see an Aztec and Maya replicas that were made for our customers.


Tláloc, (Nahuatl: “He Who Makes Things Sprout”) Aztec rain god. Representations of a rain god wearing a peculiar mask, with large round eyes and long fangs, date at least to the Teotihuacán culture of the highlands (3rd to 8th century AD). His characteristic features were strikingly similar to those of the Maya rain god Chac of the same period.

Tlaloc in the Codex Borgia
This piece is an interpretation of the Tlaloc made by the artist Manuel Torres.

Maya Calendar

The Maya calendar in its final form probably dates from about the 1st century B.C., and may originate with the Olmec civilization. It is extremely accurate, and the calculations of Maya priests were so precise that their calendar correction is 10,000th of a day more exact than the standard calendar the world uses today.

Of all the ancient calendar systems, the Maya and other Mesoamerican systems are the most complex and intricate. They used 20-day months, and had two calendar years: the 260-day Sacred Round, or tzolkin, and the 365-day Vague Year, or haab. These two calendars coincided every 52 years. The 52-year period of time was called a “bundle” and meant the same to the Maya as our century does to us.


macuahuitl is a weapon, a wooden club with several embedded obsidian blades. The name is derived from the Nahuatl language and means “hand-wood”. Its sides are embedded with prismatic blades traditionally made from obsidian. Obsidian is capable of producing an edge sharper than high quality steel razor blades. The macuahuitl was a standard close combat weapon.

Tlaloc in the Codex Borgia
This Macuahuitl made by the artist Humberto.

These pieces can be customized if you want like the examples below. If you want to have your own please click here or contact us.

This Macuahuitl made by the artist Humberto.

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