Talavera History and process


It all started with Pedro. I’ve taken quite a few ceramic courses around the country, organized by Mexico’s Ceramists’ Society. My technique is 100% hand-crafted and I use mineral glazes and paints. I’ve kept the first vase I’ve ever made and my pieces are characterized by my own specific style. I enjoy developing new designs. Over the years, my workshop has grown to such an extent that I can offer work to people in my community. I’m pleased with the working environment we’ve created – we really enjoy working with each other.

The first step is creating the mix, the difference between this Talavera and others is that this one is created completely in “pasta” and no barro is invloved. (pasta is higher quality than barro because you don’t get any pores in the burning)

talavera material
Material in bucket

Then we have to put the mix in the molds.

Molders have to be working carefully all the time so the mix is not to thick or to thin.

putting material into mold
Mold with material
Mold dry

Here we see the first molds are filled whit the mix and then in the bottom are the molds dried and with the right thickness to advance the next process.

A picture of a piece drying.

Mold dry 2

Dry piece

Then every piece is detailed with a knife by hand.

without polishing
with polishing


The pieces are put in a big kiln and then they are burned for 8 hours. Then we put lead-free varnish. Ready for painting.

Pieces burned first time


painting 2

Talavera is well-known for it vibrant colors and drawings; the first part that artists do in each piece is draw different patterns, usually with black or blue colors.


Then we have the coloring artists, these artists are the ones who fill the lines already painted with colors.

Ready to burn

Here we have some painted pieces ready for the next burning in the kiln during 8 hours.

Finished piece

Final 1
Máscara 3
Máscara 2

Finally we have a final piece after its second burning.


Artists can paint different designs in each piece do they look like a different piece. And also we can see a piece in different decorations.

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