Do you want to have your own custom piece or product?

We work with a lot of artists around Mexico using different techniques, many customers sometimes want to have their own projects and they decide to create something in a Mexican traditinal technique.

We can make your idea real. Either you have a custom design and want us to produce it or hire us to design it and produce it. Below we have some projects that we have worked on.

Tortilla warmer

Imagine you have your own brand or restaurant and want to create your own custom products. We have the right solution for you. we have created this Tortilla warmer as an example. This tortilla warmer was made on Michoacan, Mexico by hand for mexican artists.


Tlaloc (Aztec God)

We work with talented artists like Manuel Torres, who is a professional sculptor of pre-Columbian art. He created this beautiful piece for one customer in California.


Talavera dish

We can make any product customized. We would love to help you to create your brand in any Mexican art technique.

Talavera dish
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